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Whether you are a first-time recreational vehicle buyer or you’re looking to upgrade your travel trailer, a motorized RV is a great way to explore BC. Sitting between Class A and Class B Motorhomes in terms of size, Class C Motorhomes are desirable for their drivability, maneuverable lengths, ease of service, and spacious interiors. They are a perfect option for just about any lifestyle, whether you are a family, couple or solo traveller that loves roaming in comfort.

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Truck Chassis

Class C Motorhomes, like the Forest River Forester, are built on a truck chassis, providing easy maneuverability that feels similar to driving a large SUV or a pickup rather than a bus. These models are straightforward to park with their tighter turning radius, whether at a campsite or busy town in BC. Additionally, servicing a Class C Motorhome is just like any other truck. With the engine’s accessible location under the hood,  this type of RV is easier to repair and maintain.

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Shorter Length

The length of an RV is a significant consideration when choosing a motorhome. If you frequently stay at campgrounds or national parks in BC, a Class C will provide more options of where you can visit. Ranging between 21-feet to 41-feet long, there are plenty of models and lengths to choose from. Most parks have an RV cut-off length of 35 feet, so this is something to think of when shopping for a Class C Motorhome. The most popular sizes are 30-feet to 33-feet long, including the Coachmen Freelander.

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Roomy Interior

Class C Motorhomes are perfect for families, couples and retirees with spacious cabins and generous capacities. In most models, like the Forest River Solera, you’ll find three main sleeping areas, which include a rear bedroom with a queen or king bed, a convertible booth dinette in the main living area and a large overhead bunk over the front cab area. Full bathrooms and well-equipped kitchens provide the comforts and conveniences of home, while slides maximize square footage when extended.

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No Need for a Tow Vehicle

Since Class C Motorhomes, like the Coachmen Cross Trail, are fully motorized, there is no need to purchase a tow vehicle, like you would if you were buying a travel trailer, fifth-wheel, toy hauler or truck camper. Full-size, medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks can range from $35,000 to upwards of $100,000, depending on the make and model you choose. Opting for a Class C Motorhome minimizes budgetary strain without paying for and maintaining two vehicles, making it a more affordable option for BC RVers.

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Off-Grid Travel

If you enjoy boondocking or dry camping in remote BC locales, a Class C Motorhome has several advantages over other RVs. The sturdy truck chassis are better equipped for off-road adventures than fifth wheel or travel trailers. Class C Motorhomes also provide large freshwater and waste tank capacities, allowing for extended camping trips. Models, like the Forest River Sunseeker LE, offer onboard generators, solar panels and battery options so you can rough it in comfort.


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