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Excitement for the RV lifestyle is at an all-time high in BC, and more people are joining the movement by purchasing a used recreational vehicle. Buying preowned is a great way for first-time buyers to get their feet wet and experience all that life on the road offers. However, with so many models to choose from, picking the right travel trailer or motorhome can be challenging.

If you’re contemplating RV ownership and need help finding the best used rig for exploring BC, check out these tips from our experts at Vernon Recreational Products.



Buying a preowned recreational vehicle offers many advantages:
1. Used RVs can be more affordable.

2. Sales taxes, registration and insurance may be less expensive.

3. Preowned RVs experience less depreciation than new models.

4. Some warranty coverage may still be included.

5. Previous owners may have made improvements or upgrades.

6. You may find a used model with more high-end amenities for the price versus buying new.



Purchasing a preowned RV as a first-time buyer is a great way to get the features you want at a lower cost. But with so many manufacturers, brands and model years to choose from, the decision-making process can be daunting. These useful tips from our team at Vernon Recreational Products in BC can simplify the process:
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Determine Your Budget
When buying a used RV, look for models at least five to 10 years old, which can save a significant amount of money over buying brand new. Account for the actual cost of the coach and include other expenses, such as fuel, repairs and maintenance, insurance and registration. If you plan to upgrade the RV, factor in the cost of materials and labour for renovations.

Narrow Your Search
As a preowned RV buyer in BC, you have a wide selection of models to pick from, including different brands and model years. Before starting your search, narrow down your options, whether that’s choosing a certain manufacturer, like Coachmen, Forest River, Northwood, Westland, Cruiser or the like, or selecting a floor plan with the amenities and space you require.

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Buy From a Used RV Dealer

Buying a preowned RV from a BC private seller can be risky. For one, these units are often sold above market price. The coach's condition may also be questionable, increasing your chances of a lemon. Buying a used RV from a reputable dealership is a better alternative. Not only will you benefit from competitive pricing, but you can also finance and purchase extended service contracts through a dealer.
Get an Inspection

Before buying a preowned model, have a qualified RV service dealer in BC complete a thorough inspection. They will assess the exterior and interior condition of the coach, examine the roof and undercarriage for leaks and damage, verify the condition of utility systems and fuel sources and identify any potential problems or overdue maintenance items to ensure a safe and smart investment. 


Whether you're looking for a preowned fifth-wheel, truck camper, motorhome, toy hauler or travel trailer, visit us at Vernon Recreational Products in BC to experience our vast inventory of quality models. Our team will help you find the ideal used RV that meets your needs and your budget to enjoy life on the road for years to come.

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