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<a href=<img src="images/upload/August_2021/Competitor-Comparisons/photo-of-forest-river-georgetown-gt7-exterior.jpeg"alt="Exterior view of a black 2021 Forest River Georgetown 7 Series GT7, with blue, white, and grey accents on the side"/></a>Waste neither time nor patience on the BC trails. Vernon Recreational Products instead suggests taking advantage of the 2021 Forest River Georgetown 7 Series GT7 and its segment-leading fresh, grey, and black water storage - which enables drivers to focus on their travels instead of searching for filling stations. Adventure without the expected frustration… and also leave the Jayco competition behind.

The new Georgetown 7 Series GT7 has been engineered for consumer convenience - with even its base floor plan (the 32J7) offering exceptional storage capacity. Let’s compare it to the 2022 Jayco Alante 26X to see which affords more time on the road.

Georgetown 7 Series GT7: 32J7
Fresh Water Capacity: 72 Gallons
Grey Water Capacity: 52 Gallons
Black Water Capacity: 52 Gallons

Jayco Alante: 26X
Fresh Water Capacity: 53 Gallons
Grey Water Capacity: 40 Gallons
Black Water Capacity: 32 Gallons

The 26X proves less accommodating than the GT7 - limiting the amount of water BC drivers can carry and instead forcing them to more frequently seek out both filling stations and dumping grounds. This can greatly interfere with travel plans, especially for those wishing to seek out off-the-grid locales. The larger capacity of the 32J7 is needed to ensure extended ease.

Curious about how the Forest River Georgetown 7 Series GT7 compares to other Class A models? Contact Vernon Recreational Products today to learn more.

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