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<a href=<img src="images/upload/August_2021/Competitor-Comparisons/photo-of-coachmen-freedom-express-ultra-lite-exterior.jpeg"alt="A white 2021 Coachmen Freedom Express Ultra Lite with blue and black detailing along the side, posed against a white background"/></a>Anchoring the 2021 Freedom Express Ultra Lite is an all-weather sensibility - with families now able to deftly navigate summer storms and winter worries alike. This Coachmen travel trailer (which is available at Vernon Recreational Products in BC) has been precisely engineered to withstand inclement environments, affording superior water and temperature resistance through its innovative Azdel construction.

The Imagine line-up from Grand Designs, in comparison, is less accommodating. 

The Freedom Express Ultra Lite brings more than traditional materials to the trails. Instead Coachmen has fused it with exclusive Azdel panels. These composite options - which are forged from fibreglass and polypropylene - prove resilient in the wake of BC weather. In contrast to plywood, they are not susceptible to rot or delamination when exposed to water (while simultaneously delivering twice the thermal insulation); and they are unaffected by sudden spikes in temperature or humidity, unlike certain metallic properties. This affords superior seasonal responses.

Those considering the Imagine fleet from Grand Designs will not achieve that same level of sustainability. This line-up does not utilize Azdel panels, instead relying on traditional lamination; and this may undermine long-term performance.

Curious about how the 2021 Freedom Express Ultra Lite delivers all-season capability in BC? Contact Vernon Recreational Products to learn more about the advantages of Azdel composite panels.

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