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An overhead view of the 2022 Bigfoot 21FB's floor planAre you seeking a travel trailer with a front bedroom layout? You likely have the 2022 Bigfoot 21FB from Vernon Recreational Products and the 2022 Heartland Trail Runner 181RB on your list. Both models feature a rear bathroom floor plan with a private bedroom up front that is ideal for couples that enjoy a restful sleep. However, the Bigfoot provides other advantages over the Heartland that make it the preferred model for RVers in BC.

In addition to its front bedroom layout, the 2022 Bigfoot 21FB features a rear entry door for efficient traffic flow that won’t disturb others while they are sleeping. Comparatively, the Trail Runner 181RB’s main entrance is next to the bedroom, which isn’t closed off by a door or a partition like the Bigfoot RV and isn’t conducive to privacy or quiet.

If you enjoy cooking, you’ll love the layout of the Bigfoot 21FB, which includes a drop-leaf countertop for extra prep space and a double-bowl kitchen sink for doing dishes. There is also a pull-out pantry to keep snacks, spices and dry goods easily accessible. The Trail Runner 181RB, on the other hand, has a basic kitchen with less counter space and features. There is a pantry; however, its location is in the bathroom.

Want to experience the Bigfoot difference for yourself? Visit Vernon Recreational Products in BC to learn more about the 2022 Bigfoot 21FB and its desirable floor plan.

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