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<a href=<img src="images/upload/August_2021/Competitor-Comparisons/photo-of-coachmen-freedom-express-interior-front.jpeg"alt="Exterior view of a white 2021 Coachmen Freedom Express Ultra Lite, with black-tinted front window and trailer hitch displayed"/></a>The release of the 2021 Freedom Express Ultra Lite proves that less can indeed be more. This award-winning travel trailer from Coachmen (now available at Vernon Recreational Products in BC) emphasizes manoeuvrability - allowing drivers to effortlessly navigate tight turns and narrow spaces. Unlike its 2022 Transcend Xplor rival from Grand Designs, this ride has been designed for everyday ease.

Let us compare their standard configurations. 

2021 Freedom Express Ultra Lite: 192RBS
Length: 22.5 feet
Height: 10.7 feet
Gross Vehicle Weight: 6,000 pounds

2022 Transcend Xplor 200MK
Length: 24.11 feet
Height: 11.0 feet
Gross Vehicle Weight: 6,995 pounds

The Freedom Express Ultra Lite proves more adaptable than the 2022 Xplor - emphasizing a lean, athletic frame. This enables drivers to efficiently navigate unfamiliar roads, as well as improves overall economy (a lighter travel trailer will demand less fuel from a truck or SUV, sparing the need for constant fuel station visits). The Coachmen model offers a compact ride to families without sacrificing storage (the standard 192TBS boasts a carrying capacity of 1,558 pounds) or luxury (Granite and Marlin interiors are available).

The Transcend Xplor, however, will demand greater care when parking - as well as siphon fuel at a greater rate. This can turn any adventure into an annoyance.

Want to learn more about the advantages of the Freedom Express Ultra Lite’s ergonomic frame? Contact Vernon Recreational Products today.

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